video production

video production

A Lesson by Shantel Moore

this is one about video. what they do and how they do it.


   Video Production has many different things to offer. With three levels of the class learning something new as you go. But as you go the classes become more and more difficult.

   Video Production 1 you make six videos the dog wash, Boise sketch, music video, the final project, and two inserts. In Video Production 2 you tell students what’s going on with Capital. Then in Video Production 3 you help Video 1 and 2 and Mr. Parsons.

   Normally everything is the same the only thing new this year were the number of students. “We had less people sign up this year. But it’s easier to work with them this year.” The other thing that has changed is they don’t read off birthdays, instead they put it on Channel 67.

   “ This class encourages creativity and leadership. Its one of the best video classes because it teaches you things that you would learn until you went to collage. We make the graphics for the news and the PowerPoint.”

And Mr. Parsons doesn’t do this class alone. He has three tech terns that help his class when he can’t. And those people are Daniel Sheldon. Kevin Hodes, and Colton Mabry. And if your wanting to be a tech tern all you have to do is take all three years of video and then you can be one of Mr. Parsons right hand men and or women.

   Those fields are: news and broadcasting, commercials, and well anything that involves video skills. Like here at Capital Mr. Parsons’ class has made Nike videos. And posted then on the Nike cite.

   Now besides three years of video the tech terns also have to take a test and if they past the get a skills certificate. Plus if they wanted they could go get a degree in video production and start making movies or broadcasting the news. 

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Added on March 24, 2011
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Shantel Moore
Shantel Moore

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