what teachers think of luna's plan

what teachers think of luna's plan

A Lesson by Shantel Moore

this is what a few teachers i asked thought of Tom Luna's stupid plan!


   Every teacher could have something to say about Superintendent Luna’s plan, but here are two who are willing to expressed how they feel and what they think.

   English 10 and 12 teacher Paula Yarnot and German teacher Jamie Gilderhus were willing to share their views about the plan.

   “It not only hurts the teachers, but the students as well. Class sizes will be even bigger, it doesn’t allow teachers to have a voice in the education system, and it lowers the students’ quality of education,” Gilderhus said.

 Yarnot said, “Unfortunately, Supt. Luna’s plan is poorly planned, without thoughtful input from the real stakeholders. Its positives are overwhelmed by its negatives. There is the fact that while much research has shown that laptops for students are budget-busting failures, some reputable research has also shown that carefully crafted plans for students with laptops can have a positive educational effect – but at what cost? Turning well educated, dedicated teachers into “at-will” employees has no educational value whatsoever. Great attention must be paid to the law of unintended consequences in each of the three elements of Luna’s plan,”

    Gilderhus said, “There are many factors that go into hiring and firing teachers. It should be done with thoughtful consideration. Arbitrarily firing teachers, again, lowers qualities of education. I work incredibly hard for my students. Teaching them about new cultures and languages. They gain confidence in their abilities.”

   The teachers here at Capital are some of the best I have seen. We will use the things they teach us even when we leave high school. Some teachers may want to hide the fact that they are upset, and others may want to show it. We as students shouldn’t assume teachers’ feelings. We should ask them, discuss with them, and maybe try to feel how they feel. Consider that, at this time, the decision isn’t theirs it’s someone else’s. 

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