young adult book readers "read up"

young adult book readers "read up"

A Lesson by avant security guard

a few ideas about young adult books I learned the hard way


YA remains popular

I had a long escaped literary agent

(she pretty much just didn't communicate with me anymore)

tell me she couldn't sell anything except books about 11 year old girls

so, I wrote one,

"For Esme, With Love."

it hasn't exactly been a best seller.

maybe it was all too clear, I know nothing about 11 year old girls

I wrote it on the premise that young girls think just like young guys 

then, I recently read that young adults "read up"

so, I got not very good advice from that literary agent

no literary agent has ever really helped me

no matter how much I sought their help

so, here's my advice

free of charge

if you have a book about an 11 year old, make her 13 or 15

because kids like to "read up"
that is, they like to read about kids older than they are

and if you are a guy,

write about guys

and their exciting, or excruciating adventures

also, love stories work

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Added on March 1, 2016
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