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you can't have a story/book without a plot?


I want you to(you can use pen and paper or just a computer) write/type out all of the ideas you could think of for your horror story/book. For me I had writer's block because i didn't know which plot to use and their were so many ideas, but they just didn't fit together. After you do this then look over them and see which one your just not much into, which doesn't fit into your idea of your story, but leave at least your 3 top choices of plots to build on. Look at your three and try to fit them together if only 2 fits thats ok, just toss out the non-fitting one, if only one just fits your main idea for a story that's even better. When I tried this I was able to come up with a plot I never thought about, but now it seems to be the only thing on my mind. And after that you got yourself a plot right there.

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Posted 5 Years Ago

I have just done this, and it has cemented an idea I had a long time ago deep into my thoughts now! I know now exactly what idea I will follow up on. Doing this is a good exercise. It funnels the thoughts and gives you clarity of direction.
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