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this is where it gets very tricky


For me to be able to actually start my book("If You Cry" you should check that out) I did mine at school. I had nothing to do and brought out a notebook(always bring a notebook and writing utensil with you in case you get any ideas or get bored) I plugged in my earbuds and listen to my music(the track list chapter in my book was the music I listened to at the time) and was actually able to think of the music playing in my ears telling me a story to write. I wrote the story based on that music adding in a few scenes and making my story a soundtrack. the only reason I'm making references to my book is because its the only example I have.

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sorry I sort of deleted my reference but you can still look at my stories as my other references. :3
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Blue Shadow
Blue Shadow

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My name or nickname is Addy and I'm a 14 year old girl writing poems and stories and they are based off my personality, my thoughts, and my life. It's a good outlet that I could use so my mind won't ..