how to get started

how to get started

A Lesson by sciptor

this will contain tips on how you can make you mind react to the things you see


so lets get started. first thing you have in you mind when you see sky is how blue and big it is. but despite the fact that it is big it is also something that gives us a feeling . that makes us have a reaction inside us. in Buddhism we talk about 51 sources of souls and we take about different partitions of it. and this part that actually makes us feel is what we call ཤ�™་པ་ or shepa in English consciousness. so if we let our consciousness take over to our world we are going to be observe things better and as we observe words will express them to a perfect decorations. so first you will learn is to control the chaos in your life by doing nothing. alas when you will feel the difference we can start the second part which is easy if you can master the first one. till then see you


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Added on May 8, 2014
Last Updated on May 8, 2014

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shimla, Himachal pradesh, India

hello anyone or everyone. i am just a person trying to express my feelings.