how to write a poem

how to write a poem

A Lesson by Sarah

explanes everything fast.


well the way i started was getting some pictures or things that mean a lot to me and lay them out in front of me. get a bit of paper and a pen then just clear your mind. I will help if you are in a quiet place. think about the thing that you are going to write about think-

What happend ?

How did it start ?

How did you feel ?

How did it end ?

jot down idears in short sentenses to start then start adding more detail to them. mabe add some rhyme. It could be about anything what ever you want there will always be someone that likes it.

to finish think about what happend in the end and how you and other people felt.


I hope this was helpfull enjoy

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Posted 5 Years Ago

I think that you should check your grammar.... but it was a good idea; not very explanatory.
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I am english and am 16 years old. I was born on 13th march. I live in washington in england. I write poems, short stories. books I like: Morganville vampires Fallen twilight harry potter. Fr..