3- thinking out loud

3- thinking out loud

A Lesson by Khatoon Hazara

this is where you use your noggin to think about how it sounds, tweak it a bit, add something more, or smooth it out and sometimes, it comes out your mouth... either way, this step is fun!


after you have written your emotions down on paper, it's time to sort them out!

this has become easier for me, as i have self taught myself to do all of these things quicker.

sorting out your written emotions is easier than it sounds, once you know what to do. like a jig saw, piece them together, find which thread goes where and put it there, if it doesn't sound right, tweak it, if not, find a new thread. 

this step may take some time.

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Added on September 28, 2015
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Khatoon Hazara
Khatoon Hazara


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