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how does inspiration affect your poems, and how do you find it?


as much as you try, it is important to remember that the best poems come from lots of inspiration. if you do not sound passionate about the subject, you cannot excite or intrigue the reader the way you want to. if a poem is written when you're feeling inspired (especially if you have just experienced something that makes you want to write), you are able to write with more power, because you know what you are writing about.

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there is a difference between someone who writes about heartbreak who has experienced heartbreak, and who has not.

so, where can you find this 'inspiration'? honestly, it depends on you! inspiration can be pulled from anything - quotes, songs, other things you've read, pictures, memories, experiences, lessons, people.. try to experiment with different inspiration sources and writing, and try to find the kinds of poems that suit you the most. for example, i find myself to be a stronger writer when i'm writing about personal experiences. however, others may have skills in description or imagination, and can create scenes that they have never had to face before.

i encourage you to write down everything that inspires you to collect a go-to list of things that you can write about when you are ready to. small notebooks are not expensive, so you can definitely get a pocket-sized one for you to keep at all times easily. then, when it's time to write, you don't have to think very hard about what you intend to write about.

! challenge 
(as a note, in this course, i don't assign homework, seeing as i cannot grade it, but i do challenge you to complete these!)
      - write about a topic you have never written about before and comment a link to the result
      - walk around your community and find some things that inspire you!
      - write about something you have never experienced, and compare the writing to someone who has experienced it

it's important to remember, though, that if you are able to write about things without having to experience them, so be it! i am not trying to discourage writing without inspiration, though i do think that it creates better imagery, since you can picture it in your head when you write.

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Well taken and I will look at this class over, over again.
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