A Lesson by marie



it never helps to force yourself to write if you do it will sound something like this
who are you?
i am ever blue
without you
are your lies true?

see its choppy and no emotions are attached to it its free of anything that would really capture someones attention. now look at it again without anything forced.
i see a stranger in the doorway
a lier in the halls
you left me here to die alone
with nothing but your lies to feed me
did you see?
the tears in my eyes 
as i saw through your disguise 
leaving scars upon my soul
and now i'm here
looking back on those days
when you were near
but it was never true

those days with you
those times of joy
those promises you made
it was never true

sounds better right? its about the same thing the first was, but this one has emotion to it and thus is easier to relate to because its real. only write what you truly feal. when you feal it, and exactly how you feel it. poetry is emotion cut it off and you will take it soul away


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Added on November 21, 2012
Last Updated on November 21, 2012

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