50 things to do before graduation

50 things to do before graduation

A Lesson by myxtoxicxlullaby

what do you want to do before you graduate?


1. discover the most effective energy drink

2. fall in love, or at least in like

3. have a themed party

4. go camping without luxeries

5. get 10 random guys/girls phone numbers at the mall

6. get the guts to tell the guy you like, how you feel

7. Stay up all night...

8. ...than watch the sunrise

9. have your own prom in the comforts of your home

10. shoot off fireworks and day, but the 4th of july

11. reunite with an old friend

12.conqour one of your fears

13.tell someone how much they've meant to you wheather its romantic, or just a sincear thank you

14. have a bonefire, and burn old school work

15. have a best friend

16.go for a midnight swim

17. join a team even if you dont know the first thing about sports

18. join a club

19. actually study for finalls

20. have a snowball fight on a snow day

21. meet your favorite band

22. experience a concert form the frint row

23. meet a new person that go's to your school

24. take an elective jsut for the fun of it

25. have a party and watch re-runs of old shows

26. participate in a prank so epic it will go down in history

27. take advantage of student discounts

28. have a pickle eating contest

29. take a walk just for the scenery

30. get a job

31. do the stereotypical spring break and go to cancun or florida

32. get the courage to ask out the guy or girl of your dreams

33. spend the night in a haunted house

34. find a group of friends and race to see who can finish a gallon of milk in an hour, whoever doesn't through up wins!!!

35. try a food you've never had before

36. go to the premire of a movie at midnight

37. survive an entire week without TV, phone, computer, and ipod.

38. skip a day of school and do everything you can think of

39. actually participate in spirit day

40. have amovie night

41. visit your old elementry school

42. be the responsible one at a party...for once

43. be the life of the party

44. go to the zoo with friends

45. be home earlier than your curfew for once

46. put on a preformance at the hot spot to hang out.

47. take lotsa pictures

48. volunteer your time

49. travle outside your home state

50. LIVE IT UP!!!


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Posted 8 Years Ago

You've got an awesome plan haha awesome!
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