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Posted 3 Years Ago

Currently reading:
(some of which has been read before by me; I will note this unless I don't remember to)
Periodicals: Sun; New Yorker; Free Inquiry. Who has time for more?
Novels: Age of Reason by Sartre; The Brothers Karamazov by Dostoevsky; 11/22/63 by Stephen King.
History: The USS Flyer, Death and Survival on a World War II Submarine.
Unclassified nonfiction: The Opposite of Loneliness, essays and stories by Marina Keegan.
Marina Keegan caught my eye in the Boardman, Ohio Barnes & Noble. Her determined attitude came out to me from her cover photo. As I thumbed through her book I learned that her life was cut short, quite short at age 23 or so. What impressed me and so far has motivated me to buy the book is in the introduction by Anne Fadiman. Fadiman describes Marina Keegan as a young student of writing from Yale and other schools who objected to novelist Mark Halpern's lecture in which Halpern spoke of the impossibility or nearly so, for young or new writers to get published. Keegan wrote to Fadiman expressing her sad feeling that she would have expected Halpern to "be more encouraging of those hoping to stop (italicized by her) the death of literature."

Besides raising a nearly 17 year old son, a relationship, and a busy life of finding myself through music, art, carpentry, and lots of other stuff, I have a nagging desire to write and hope to do some of that on a daily basis.

Is there a way to italicize or underline stuff in this little comments page?

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Posted 3 Years Ago

Deathly ill with writing block.
All my writing looks elementary
No imagery
Crappy similie
Completely witless.
Okay, I don't wish to wallow in what can develop into Self-hate.
The letter s on my keyboard is not cooperative much of the time.
Also q,a,w,z, and x give me fits. I can hold down on those keys and often get satisfactory results.

My analyst has helped me to discover that I do too much to take care of others but insufficiently give time for myself.

As of today, Monday, I have decided to give this entire day to myself-- for writing, music (I play guitar and woodwinds), art/photography. And whatever else I want to do to keep my head above the cultural waters.

This is June 22, 2015, I had a birthday on the 11th. Now I will give myself a present of commitment to self nurturing. As of immediately I am determined to become once and for all my own best friend.

This is a sort of message in a bottle. I will watch for comments from other writers, blocked or otherwise to provide any feedback however helpful or hurtful.

My capacity for pain however is substantial in some zones while sensitive to the point of overmuch in other places.