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About Me

For as long as I can remember, I have always been thinking up of stories. I was always drawing out instruction manuals for videogames (even though they would always be outright copies of every game I got hands on). I remember how stubborn I would be with the material I would use for my 'manuals' - I would demand plain, white paper, nothing else. If I couldn't get copy paper, I would write on the back of my dad's tax mail.

Yeah, I was a troubled child.

I started writing for real when Pokemon came out, with my horribly written fan fictions for it. I must of written hundreds of these, and me being the creative little monster that I was, I would include little pictures of the said Pokemon as well.

I started writing alot when in Fourth Grade, my teacher gave me an F for a Creative Writing for pretty much copying a real story we read the week before. He made me write another story. I wrote a story called 'The FireWarrior', about a man who was part of a elite group of warriors obviously called the Fire Warriors. It was a mix between fantasy and sci-fi. The Booth (which was the nickname the whole grade gave the man, because he was THAT cool of a teacher...) loved it so much he gave me a 100, even though it was a redo of a plagiarism. He wrote that I should become a writer, and I haven't stopped writing ever since.

As of late I have been working on a fantasy novel that I got the idea from after reading the wiki for Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer. I am hoping it will catch attention for its lack of cliches. There are no elves or dwarves playing major roles in the entire story. I will be limiting my cast to just 3 human roles. The cast I have as of now is:

3 Humans (Lead, Female Werewolf, Sorceress)
1 Bugbear that speaks like an aristocrat
A 'spirit' that is made up of a dozen or so other spirits
A hagspawn shaman.

I am attempting to make the novel 'epic' without following the rules most epic fantasy novels seem to follow. It is not a story about saving the world. It is about self discovery. The main lead is amnesiac, but he must also devour souls, or he will die.

There will be no empire seeking to conquer the world. There is no great evil that is threating the land. This isn't a 'save the world' story. Like I said, its about self discovery.