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Grey Matter Grey Matter

A Poem by Eric

Hold Fast Hold Fast

A Poem by Eric

Lilly Lilly

A Poem by Eric

Ninety-Eight Ninety-Eight

A Story by Eric

Free Free

A Poem by Eric

The Gathering The Gathering

A Story by Eric

About Me

QUICK & DIRTY: I'm here to write.

In advance, I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read my writing and I promise to repay the favor in kind (as soon as I'm back ashore and in internet range).

"Imagination is everything. It is the preview of lifes coming attractions. ~~ Albert Einstein

"We all die. The goal isn't to live forever, the goal is to create something that will." ~~ Chuck Palahniuk (on writing.)

Regarding reviews: I ask, that you, as a writer, let me know where I failed you, as a reader.

For Read Requests - please send me a message if there is something you want me to read. Give me time as I'm a mariner and sometimes, I just don't get internet.

For those of you interested, below are some questions to ask of your fellow writers about your work that may prove helpful.

CHARACTERISATION: Do the characters seem real, or are they recognizable stereotypes, and is this a problem in the context of this particular story? Are the characters motives logical and necessary to the story? Are we meant to identify with any characters, and if so, do we?

DIALOGUE: Does the dialogue seem realistic? Can the reader imagine real people talking as the characters do? Does the dialogue add to the story, or distract us from it?

SETTING: Does the story have a context and place that is convincing and alive? Are you able to visualise each scene?

POINT OF VIEW: Is the POV consistent, or does it leap in the middle of a scene? Is the POV appropriate do we get a clear enough picture of the principle characters inner drama or too much? Could the story be told more interestingly from another POV?

DEVELOPMENT: Does the story develop organically, without the reader noticing, or does the narrative make sudden leaps or get stagnant? Does the reader get confused at any point?

PACING: How deeply is the reader drawn into the story? How long does the story take to set up? Is the reader drawn into the story from the beginning? Which is most appropriate for each particular story: non-stop action or character development?

MECHANICS: At the outset, some writers experience trouble with the mechanics of expressing their fiction in words. Story, paragraph and sentence structure are all slaves to the flow of a piece. If something is amiss, the reader will experience the lack of flow immediately. A critique of a later draft can be invaluable in pointing out some of the specifics that are impeding the narrative flow.