In the year 2108 World War 3 has begun between the U.S and Russia.Russia is a strong force but the U.S has secrets of it's own...
Deep in the heart of a top secret U.S government research facility there are secrets unknown to the rest of the warring world.Using biohazardous materials classified military weapons are being created by U.S scientists to assist the United States of America in the war.
*You wake up startled and confused, one minute you're on a one way trip to a neutral Italy to avoid the war, and the next you find yourself strapped to a table in a bright white room.there is a tray full of various vials of liquids spread out across it and numerous scientific instuments on the walls and floor around you.you notice some people come in wearing white lab coats and they approach you.you struggle against your restraints but discover with silent horror that you can't move.something flashes silver and sharp out of the corner of your eye but you can't move your head to see what it is.you feel a sharp pain as the instrument is plunged into your arm and dark spots cloud your vision before you pass out*

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