An Important Role in a Wedding Ceremony - Flower Girl


I think that maybe everyone has an experience of attending a wedding ceremony. Am I right? As for a wedding ceremony, in addition to the bride and the bridegroom, the bridesmaid and the groomsman also play an important role.

However, you must overlook lovely flower girl and flower boy. They can be seen as a beautiful scenery of a wedding ceremony. Then, we will talk about the . I guess that everyone loves cute children, let alone those flower girls wearing small beautiful prom dress.

What should a flower girl wear for a wedding ceremony?

In my view, first, white can be a good choice as the hue of the small prom dress. As we know, white is a prevalent and everlasting color for a wedding. Undoubtedly, pure white will make flower girls look elegant and innocent. A flower girl can wear a white tulle bubble skirt which can let her be more lovely. Second, shinning sequins and delicate embroidery can be used to establish the white skirt. Moreover, a colored sash can be added at the waistline. Maybe a pink sash, a sky blue sash or a light yellow sash will be more suitable. All of these colors are appropriate to little girls’ age.

What should a flower girl do in the wedding ceremony?

In general, the flower girl is four to six years old. They should hold up the long train of the bride’s wedding dress or scatter flower petals along the red carpet to lead the way for the bride and the bridegroom. In addition, they should hand over the ring pillow when the bride and the bridegroom exchange the wedding ring. They can also show the gifts which are prepared by the bride and the bridegroom for their parents. All of these things which are done by a flower girl is meaningful because little children are cute and pure angles. They can bring the best wish for the wedding.

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