642-813 Mentioning


So why start looking at 642-813 policing now this is routers were going to talk about the switch capabilities a ill bit 642-813 later in the Muse your other QS switches section so when I look at 642-813 policing and routers I actually have well variety and I the police with threat 642-813 command up top is just like calmer there's just like the real 642-813 limit command that we did on the interface earlier so we start looking 642-813 at things on a per class basis I get to 642-813 keep ability pleasing their I also have the capability of police the IOC weather 642-813 with the region bits per second were with the 642-813 percentage so what's the difference between police and police 642-813 here are room I mean other than just being different the bottom line is that police ER offers me the ability 642-813 to specifying the PI our or peak information right sphere’s my target but don't ever exceed this on to can use %um maybe a simpler way anybody a different way of putting the numbers.

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