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Over the last nine months the reason to doubt in my mind about the integrity of my working out and eating healthy and so I know I've done everything I possibly can to get my body ready for sea turtle surgery and it would be a tremendous reward all my catfish feature .
Great to get a percentage 39 point 38 percent three lost salami at its like in a good way it’s really alarming losing 115 pounds and nine mines is a little surreal it's a little
Away at how much must lead to tell I mean the end came from somewhere s lot talking about this rare and the whole right I want to see what I see source to take in there tomorrow and let's just get his pays worry in have I done enough to warrants general surgery I think like a look at my sonic it Instills feel and see a 290-pound girl Jamie nice to see you again graduations are here progress lost well over 100 and I’m really hoping the doctor Safer Colon stock take into account the fact that she’s developed a lot of muscle when it comes to her call type person will search when see here this is actually I quite then which is what I look for it's not nearly as thick as I thought it might be when I also feel is on your abdomen if feels pretty darn straw and that must be the core workout that you're doing so I that's a positive thing for you as well but it's a tough decision deciding you know whether or not you really candidate for surgery I'm at this pointy when insider reading my heart for it to be like hey Kate you work really hard but work out here the great news for you is but I think you are a candidate for surgery you the painted happening Jamie had a particularly large amount of muscle that muscle affects things such as orbit calculation really as a powerful influence on when for the operation that's been seen yeah progress where I was really surprised when qualified first general surgery stick am proud of myself and how hard it works to get here I'm so ready bring it on .

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