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Requesting Reviews

1 Year Ago

Hey, I've been racking up a decent amount of views on my writing, but so far I've only received a single review! If anybody has a moment to spare I'd really appreciate it if you could swing by and read one of my short stories, don't matter which one, and give me a little bit of feedback! My biggest fear as an author is unknowingly publishing terrible crap. If it's bad I want to be aware of it, so just not knowing is driving me insane! 
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Re: Requesting Reviews

10 Months Ago

Hi, I just reviewed your work. I think you have great talent. :) You've made one intriguing concept there. I love it! I just needs more improvement, though. :)  Anyway, I'm new here. I need some helpful and honest reviews for my works, too. I hope you can stop by and check it out. :) Once you do, I'll gladly return the favor for your other works, as well. :) However, because of my busy schedule, I can only review poems and short stories for now. Thanks in advance.:) Looking forward for your reviews...