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40 to create a new one and it will tell me deal and not allowed while the devices in climate as well as mentioning this is where yourself discipline comes in because you want to make sure you don’t just change back over to a server and that make the change because they'rekinda defeats the purpose is of clients on b2b version number I already showed you that so mom China think if there's anything else VTP gist it's all about the concepts like most things in Cisco I'm not too much to the configuration the last thing I do is hop on over to you the DTP he now switch see changed over to VT mode client now let me show you some botches met a pin on switch a show flash and you can see I show you this right before we got started there was no veal and died at file now there is a veal and Odette all yogurt stuff and the last several do a show run include the lawn you can see that there is nothing in the running configure Balbo Lance I all that stuff is stored in that deal and database file um want to the tips that I'll give you now this is not certification world this is just real world stuff I've run into you want to the tips that I will give you is if you're working .

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