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routing protocols so one thing I can adhere is a quick integration between these four router so that they're running IP routing let's say that we use yeahchirpy to do this so on this which I'm going to go to global configuration say router yes sir rob Brown are you a tricky one network192 168 0.00% 00 255 and no Autodesk summary the other routers were already running and we could see this because now the neighbor the neighbor Jason sees come up on the other routers I'm rather one let's look at the the show IP protocols again this is going to show us what type routing protocols do we have an able so right now I'm running OSPF and I’m running yeah chirpy I'm going to remove the OSPF can take to make this a little bit simpler will say simply no on your router sop 1 the same thing on router to I'm rather 3 and I rather five now once .

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