Alice in Terrorland


Welcome to Alice in Terrorland. I assume you're all familiar to the classic book Alice in Wonderland? Well this is the exact opposite. Alice is not in Wonderland, she is in TERRORland. A place of nightmares and small remains of what USED to be called Wonderland.

The Queen of Hearts has taken over Wonderland for her own selfish reasons. Alice needs your help, so she has decided the best way is to bring teenagers from the real worlds into 'Wonderland' to help fight against the Queen.

It's up to you to find your way, by yourself, to the Vale Tears Statue. If you make it, you will meet Alice Liddell. You may meet some of the others on your way to Vale Tears, but you will meet more challenges than anything.

The First Alice was a wrathful woman of the Spade.

The Second Alice was a fragile man of the Diamond.

The Third Alice was an innocent young girl of Club.

The Fourth Alice was a duo of Curiosity.

We need Five main characters and many side characters that are either on the Queens Side or Citizens of Wonderland.

We also need a Cheshire Cat, White Rabbit, Mad Hatter, and The Twins (Dee and Dum).

Save Wonderland!!!!

Special Power: (Three Maximum)

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