Set up:
What would you do it you were alone stranded not knowing how to survive
If you were with a friend would you sacrifice your life for them
With a stranger would you then

If you said not to any of the two questions this is your worst nightmare

Setting :
You are on a plane
You heard a gun shot then heard sceraming
Then a announcer come over the mic
"This is an emergence please buckle your seat belt and stay calm" it's not long befor you realize the plane has been high jacked and everyone started panicking when the plane crashed you and a many more survived along with the "pilot" who is the highjacker but you doing know who it is

Role play:
You must find out who the highjacker
As you are trying to find who you must survive
You may kill but you must have a reason

How it works :
I will send a message to the highjacker when the first word are said by me it will begin

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