Annabelle's Fantasy Project Extraordinaire!!


Hello everybody! So here's my idea: A group of us talented and amazingly skilled writers come together and create a fantasy world, then flesh it out with history, lore, language, geography, races, flora, forna, traditions, technology, magic, mysteries, etc. until it practically lives and breathes. Then we'll make it a regular thing where group members (either individually or collaborating with each other) write short stories that are set in this world that we've created together. Anybody can join, as long as you're willing to help us add depth, detail and wonder to our yet-to-be-named realm, and show us your imagination and writing prowess! We can have contests and everything to see who can write the best piece set in our world, and we could even write ourselves into the world as characters if you guys want! (I call dibs on princess ;D)

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