It was centuries ago that this world was formerly the realm known as "Gaia". Now, thanks to the terrible result of the final world war between the eastern as well as western powers of the past, this same yet scarred world today is known by a different name; Ragnarok.

Here, many times over since the atomic bombs detonated 300 years ago, the strong prevail as the weak are cast aside. Nature has been twisted. Monsters have risen from the ashes. The future seems quite bleak to the majority.

Yet, despite the difficulties, despite the feeling of overwhelming chaos, there still remains a glimmer of hope. There are survivors amongst the ruins of the former, modernized world of Gaia. Even with how punishing it is, those few survivors - champions - have fashioned a possible future from the rubble.

These so called champions - human, elf, anima even - went through a great many ordeals to become who they are today. Their actions brought much needed light to the darkness. And following their actions, other heroes have risen to conquer the harshness of Ragnarok; of life itself.

And so, although it seems impossible, the future may yet be an inspiring thing. The world is in a state of continual danger. But with its civilizations finding hope, anything could be possible. Anything, no matter how dire, could be overcome.

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