Automatic door work should be done after the installation is


Automatic door work should be done after the installation is complete
1, shall be carried out to show the user how to automatic doors of daily operation;
2, should be to show the user the function of automatic door all kinds of switch and switch position;
3, how to introduce the user to close the automatic doors the power, the location of the power switch;
4, should be to introduce the user to automatic door common faults and processing methods;
5, leave engineering contractor for user service hotline, and introduction of automatic door service warranty.
Calculation method

1 = total project amount, automatic door, automatic door equipment prices + door number multiplied by the unit price of every square metre (square meters) + shipping costs.
2 area of a square meter price, the hydrodynamic theory, the hydrodynamic main materials are: 12 mm thick toughened glass, square steel keel, 1.2 mm stainless steel plating.
3 style have upper and lower door, automatic door clamp frameless door, framed door, pure frameless door, whether the body style, automatic door engineering requirement is different, the price is different.
Use items

1, please according to order through the automatic doors, please don't quick close the door or door closing force through automatic doors, ensure that the door open for more than one space through the automatic door.
2, don't congestion automatic doors, automatic doors, or with automatic door equipment and the hydrodynamic force damage.
3, in children under 1.2 meters tall and disabled elderly and people with disabilities in the guardian, please help by automatic door, otherwise the consequence is proud.
4, please do not stay long time at the gate of the automatic, automatic door inside don't put any obstacle items.
5, automatic doors in the state of automatic induction, please don't in the sensing area and automatic stay inside for a long time.
6, can hand movements during blackout two sides opened the automatic doors, automatic doors please close the automatic doors failure or an emergency power supply, manual opened the automatic doors.
7, please in fixed glass doors, automatic doors activities of glass doors marked label (such as company name, company logo, etc.) to avoid a collision automatic door glass.

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