Battle in Italy


{Under Contruction}

19th Century Venice, Italy.

The Grimani Family and the Venier Family.

There are two famous opera/play houses stand on two sides of town. Teatro Goldoni in Northern Venice where all the rich families lived and La Fenice in Southern Venice where all the middle-class families lived.
Teatro Goldoni & La Fenice were rivals in popularity. Both families had on-going feuds for generations. Who will be the best? Who will perish? Who... Will fall in love? Join and become part of these two families. I need a main character I know well to play a very special part of the Venier family. The secret lover of the daughter of Grimani. Send me your profile and I shall except you into the battle. This is not a killing battle, no guns, knives, or anything like that. Preform to fight. Preform music, singing, acting. In the end, only one family will remain and be the Opera House of Venice, Italy.

Make sure your profile picture is 19th Century like

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