Beatufull Strong Budy With Elite Test 360


The whole side handles be Rollin Rollo when you got our hands now get the mandates could differ here when you exercise is how far out you go come here at you so what you want to do stuff like this you to come out got was always does Kieran and then again side up more at a news stand by much netting and use standing side weeks Wes okay now this exercise eternity racked one strap no way do that take one loop pass to the top second loop pass to the top and Paul guy now 21 strap away exercise work properly she have toehold your arms I just can't so likes about heart wider hold your arms iced tea and twist turn a heavy arms please omit come to the natal other side go middle good inside standing 2s now it's good use to get your ex traps out the ones that position which you going to do you now is ended week crotch get we doing this exercise me when I get back position the worth day.

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