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Bring me up really nice and high makes you alternate knees back and forth every single repetition every single time that Ni comes up to get a crunch forget a nice tight squeeze on those abs and make sure you working against yourself those arms so you're pushing against yourself as a large go out me pone against yourself your point his arms back in skied emotion only about 10 seconds left five seconds left works actor round our next core exercises in with aflutter kicks because like strip others have struck one down and get those legs movement nice full range of motion keepers actinic and tight try to swing those legs nice controlled motion but still trying to do it quickly it's done that's three you relax stay the backup another round of the Standing crunch ball and starter me up nice and hype on those arms in nice Tech
Crunch every single time try to make sure you can add me as high as possible every single repetition making sure you working gets herself that our motion you're almost done five seconds left keep that most oh nice and tight lacks drug down one more round to the flutter kicks those legs up there dropped one leg down and start a motion up make sure you don't want those handsome upon it up but they're going to want to do that to help support your hips and make it a lot easier for those abs so if you put those here the media but you just cheating away from your app so make sure you keep those hands out from underneath your butt almost done that's to and one girl at a relaxed and that for the next exercise our next cardio is NB Power skips good get ready and start-up drive I met arm turning up off the ground as high as you
possibly can making sure you're pushing 100 percent every single repetition almost done five seconds pushing hard as you can drive many and let it relax I drop back down to ground got win No Jack not quite as next and stardom up took those knees in arms the side next in those arms and legs in opposite directions get a nice full extension crunching no shoulders forward every single time you pull those knees in then get a good stretch original time you put those arms and legs out of the direction he feels quite a bit you’re down muscles as well as your hip flexor and the from your style your also gonnafeel just a little bit in your chest and outside that rib cage just two more repetitions nice folks turn Jim crunch back in one more ox Arts data backup another round those power strips star up get that skip motion going driver.

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