Bill The Hedgehog


Name: Bill
Reason: becuase he has the same hair as Bill Kaulitz from tokio hotel [squee] but brown
Parents: Amelia und Tom :)
Birth: 8/16/08
Birthplace: Taiwan

Bill, the hedgehog, is a stuffed animal that wants to rule the world. become his minion and help turn the world to a fuzzy place.

Song about Bill [the hedge hog] below!

I got me a hedgehog
His name is Bill. Hey!
Hes got awesome hair
And hes likes to play

His hair is the same as that bill
From sensation tokio hotel
I absolutely adore him
Why not him that as well

Hes fluffy and cute
With skin so white
I bought for eight dollars
Now that aint right

He goes in my pocket
And he makes me smile
Hes never alone
I treat him like my own child

Bills a beast
Even when my cat attacks
Bill always finds a way
To strike right back

He eats cheese
Bananas and cheerios
His face so cute
Even his toes

Youre just jealous
He likes screamo
But he never smiles
Bill must be emo

Rock, jam
You know he can
Beat, box
Bill freaking rocks!

common questions:

Q:were you one drugs at the time of making this group?
A: do cheerios count?

Q:why the heck did you get a stuffed animal?
A: cause i'm snazzy

Q: i want one!
A: break me off a piece of that!

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