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We understand that in today’s world, you want all the things related to your work to be made available on the click of a mouse. Therefore, keeping in mind this view of the Customers, we have made sure that we provide you with a one stop solution by making all the services available under one roof.

Cargo rates provide various services to the Customers so as to help them in providing an easy solution for all their needs regarding their Cargo. We provide services such as Cargo Tracking, Fight Schedules, Barcode Generator, EGM Number Search, IGM Number Search, Customs Holidays, Destination Information, Airline Information, Neutral AWB, DGD Forms, GSP Forms and MACCIA Forms. These services are meant to resolve all the Planning and Shipment related problems of the Customers. We provide more than 100 million pounds of weekly cargo lift and freight rates to major cities in the United States, Europe, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Latin America and Asia Pacific. For over 80 years, we have consistently pushed the edge of cargo technology and expanded our network around the world. Cargo Rates was founded on the simple principle of helping people get all of their logistics information (shipping rates, warehousing costs, news, transportation companies, etc..) in one place, so they could quickly and easily take actionable decisions.
Since the vast majority of shipments are done by people who do so as a side function of their primary responsibilities (like selling goods or manufacturing products), we wanted to help people be as effective as possible in resolving all things shipping.
Whether it’s using one of our calculators to estimate market rates, the news aggregator to access the latest information, shipping rates and freight rates finding a person to help you answer questions, or use exchange to get carriers and freight forwarders to respond to your needs, Cargo rates is here to help.

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