Children's Stories, For Compilation Book.


No adult themes,swearing,sexuality,racism.
The purpose is to create a compilation book/s of children's stories. The Book will be submitted to industry publishers for publication. THE PROCEEDS FROM RESULTING SALES WILL BE DONATED TO - THE MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY ASSOCIATION - Contributors will receive full credit for their work, with no pay. The money will help the children. The notoriety will help the contributors. This project is already running on> < The stories must be entertaining and fun. They can be targeted for any age group from 4yr olds to teens. Stories with a moral or positive guidance are great but that is secondary to entertainment value. Be a part of something unselfish and wholesome, that will benefit everyone involved. There is plenty of time in this ongoing project. I hope to present a yearly check (in the name of a community of writers) to the charity, until the disease is defeated. Any questions or suggestions can be sent to me. VALORMORE DE PLUME writer's cafe member.

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