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Astrogicka: The Marked World

2 Years Ago

If you’re reading this, well congratulations. Now close the book and stop reading because at this point you’re wondering if you should read this. Maybe you should; maybe not. I don't know if you can handle my story, it might be too much for a normal person such as yourself. 
If you’re still here, then let's get started. 
Let me start by saying: My name is Marcus Smith and I have powers that you only wish you had, but you will find out about those later. 
So it all started when my great grandfather wanted to talk to me – I know what you’re thinking ‘oh isn't that nice’. Well you’re wrong. So I went to go and see him, when he saw me his eyes were a deep red, I could see the grief in his old wizened eyes. I thought he was going to start crying at any moment. It was then that he gave me the worst news of my life. Terrible words crawled out of his chapped lips, recently everyone I cared about died and he told me that he was the killer. Of course I didn't take that very well, I was about to something I was going to regret, but of course I didn't end his life although I wanted to. He tried to explain why he committed these horrific atrocities, but I didn't listen to him. However, he caught my attention when he said that I had powers. Now, I always knew that I had powers, but I never knew why or how to control them. My mother told me that we came from an alternate universe. Of course I thought she was crazy, but then came my 15th birthday when I started to feel different inside, like someone lit a candle inside of me, like some huge power was surging through my blood. My great grandfather said that he was dying and I need to go back to the world from which we came. I argued “no!”  and started to leave, but as I left, the room got dark and I woke up in a forest. That was 2 weeks ago, at first I didn't really know what was going on. When I first woke up I was so dizzy as was as if up was down down  was up I could barely walk.When I finally caught my bearings  I realized I was in a forest, I thought to myself that couldn't be good after all I'm not prepared for something like this or am I. All I have is a rusty iron sword with a copper girdle that sits in a tattered scabbard. This is the beginning of my story, but far from the end.