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This group is for all fiction authors that need a place a little popular to post their writing. We accept Fantasy, Science Fiction, Adventure, Romance, or just plain Fiction. So long as the story isn't real, then we accept it. Go Fiction!

New Writing

Surani, Pt 5 Surani, Pt 5

A Story by Lizzy

Surani, Pt 4 Surani, Pt 4

A Story by Lizzy

Surani, Pt 3 Surani, Pt 3

A Story by Lizzy

Surani, Pt 2 Surani, Pt 2

A Story by Lizzy

Surani, Pt 1 Surani, Pt 1

A Story by Lizzy

Stroke of Luck Stroke of Luck

A Chapter by Ricky

Bullies     at   school Bullies at school

A Chapter by Ranfer

Living    as    my    sister 2 Living as my sis..

A Chapter by Ranfer

Switch  Part 2 Switch Part 2

A Book by Ranfer

Switch Switch

A Story by Ranfer

Sweet Scars Sweet Scars

A Poem by sabinn

Dark Night Dark Night

A Poem by sabinn

Dearest Dearest

A Story by Moper

Into Hell Into Hell

A Story by Aurafiex

Violence of Man Violence of Man

A Chapter by Ricky

Lost Freedom Lost Freedom

A Chapter by Ricky

I realised I realised

A Story by 5John17

The Hunt Begins The Hunt Begins

A Chapter by Ricky

Adam Adam

A Story by WillaDanvers

Relics Relics

A Chapter by Drakkell Sangster

The Facility The Facility

A Story by potato

Doom In Disguise Doom In Disguise

A Story by Zoe

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