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This group is for all fiction authors that need a place a little popular to post their writing. We accept Fantasy, Science Fiction, Adventure, Romance, or just plain Fiction. So long as the story isn't real, then we accept it. Go Fiction!

New Writing

Good Ol' Days Good Ol' Days

A Poem by Zoe

Blade Fiend Blade Fiend

A Story by GURGAR

Mind Mind

A Story by M.airaD

Acceptance Acceptance

A Story by M.airaD

girl prague girl prague

A Poem by Martin

The hunted The hunted

A Chapter by Leon Schiebaan

A Quiet End A Quiet End

A Story by Willbutler


A Poem by Martin

A farewell... A farewell...

A Story by Moper

Image Image

A Story by Pierre Biscotti

We Are Paragon We Are Paragon

A Book by Tiana

Morning Musings Morning Musings

A Story by Moper

The UnWanted The UnWanted

A Book by Lilly17

Let Me Go Let Me Go

A Poem by Elsa

Prologue Prologue

A Chapter by Jimmy

The Doom Beast The Doom Beast

A Story by Elsa

Dead in the Water Dead in the Water

A Story by Elsa

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Does anyone wanna read some of my book?


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Idea for a Novel


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New Passion Project-In need of critiques


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Reviews please! :)

Clara Kevie

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Hi, I'm new!

VP Sumah

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