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This group is for all fiction authors that need a place a little popular to post their writing. We accept Fantasy, Science Fiction, Adventure, Romance, or just plain Fiction. So long as the story isn't real, then we accept it. Go Fiction!

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Morning Musings Morning Musings

A Story by Moper

The UnWanted The UnWanted

A Book by Lilly17

Let Me Go Let Me Go

A Poem by Elsa

Prologue Prologue

A Chapter by Jimmy

The Doom Beast The Doom Beast

A Story by Elsa

Dead in the Water Dead in the Water

A Story by Elsa

Fire Fire

A Poem by Maddi

Time and Judith Time and Judith

A Story by Maddi

Runner Runner

A Book by Be


A Story by hcarson

"A Homecoming" "A Homecoming"

A Story by richieb

Retic Retic

A Story by Luix Rives

"Cool Guy" "Cool Guy"

A Poem by richieb

Mama Mama

A Poem by Rhia Thurman

Pods Pods

A Book by Be

Move me Lord Move me Lord

A Poem by richieb

A crime of Life A crime of Life

A Book by John

The light The light

A Story by AE

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Hi, I'm new!

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Does anyone wanna read some of my book?


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Idea for a Novel


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Book Now Available

Mr. Michael Live

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