Girl she doesn't like it he must stop immediately


Don't go on until she's comfortable number one the high five when you first start talking to a girl listen into what she saying if she says something cool go for a high five stop I know what you're thinking trip what are we in high school high-five the Hive Five is a great way to introduce touching when you first talked to a girl it makes statement that you're a touchy k Maxx Test 300 ind of guy and it's better to do this sooner rather than later it's going to be a big problem if you go from no touching atoll to a kiss trust me number two next in the equation the hard I always tell my students to reaching for aside how for hog whenever she says something funny or cool and remember always make it a little less awkward when Maxx Test 300 you get the reason for the touch it's the creepy guys who touch ago for no reason and then end up messing it .

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