Heaven of Eden


You have been playing the MMORPG called Heaven of Eden for a while now when the game servers crash. You are officially trapped inside the game physically. The creator of Heaven of Eden has purposely shut the servers down, making it impossible to log on or off. The headset you were to enter the game has become your life source. If it is removed by someone out of the game, you will die instantly. Your only hope of escaping the game is to complete it which will unlock the gate that will allow all the trapped players to go home and destroy Heaven of Eden forever. But it will not be easy. You will need extraordinary powers and strength. Join guilds and form groups, make friends and try to have fun... BUT, remember this, if you die in the game, you die for real. So don't think getting yourself killed will bring you back to earth because it will not anymore. Chose your class and race, your strong points and your weak points.
Fight against the Wraiths that hold you in this world. Just don't get killed. Find the gate and free every one of Heaven of Eden, take on the final boss and destroy this world. Good luck to you all.


1. Angeer Ramona (Uses animals for magic)
2. Seiall Summoner(Summons animals)
3. Light Mage (Like a good witch)
4. Dark Mage (Like a dark witch)
5. Ranger(Archer with magic arrows)
6. Deicide Heisu(Demon)
7. Deicide Knoxus(Demon Serpant)
8. Kuight (Half animal half knight)
9. Shiru Cat (Short feline-like human)
10. Necro Countess (Powerful necromancer)


1. Vampire
2. Summoner
3. Venomancer
4. Mage
5. Elf
6. Human
7. Fairy
8. Warrior
9. Priest/Priestess

Send Avangeline Delarosa your profile information before you post it. Before starting the game read the story of Heaven of Eden in forums. There will also be a list of quests for you to complete. The Game Master will determine if you pass or fail the quest and if you are ready to go to the next level. Everyone begins at level one once your trapped in the game even if you were a higher level before. You can also chose to be a NPC which isn't a real player or you can be a black smith that helps other players but doesn't level up them selves. Try to NOT kill other players so no PKing or you will become a Red Player. It isn't a strict rule, do it if you want to, but there will come an in-game punishment for your character. Have fun!!!

True Race:
Hair Colour:
Eye Colour:
Completed Goals:
Strengths & Weakness:

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