Help Wanted


Everyone writes differently. Where some excel, others fall behind.

Perhaps you've been working on a story, you're plot is all worked out and you're deep into writing but you've noticed that your dialogue is lacking. Bob over here is great at writing dialogue but isn't very good at stories overall. You ask Bob to help you with the dialogue, and after reading over your notes to understand what's going on he agrees. Now your story can come to life!

Well that's the goal here. Need help with dialogue? Maybe your plot needs hammered out. Or maybe you're used to writing European styled fantasy but want to include mythology from other parts of the world without it seeming like you replaced the word goblin with the word jinn and you want help from people who are part of that culture for authenticity.

Look no further than Help Wanted.

Just post your woes and needs in the forum, or if you're offering help.

DISCLAIMER: While I, Kaiju, created the group I am not responsible for what happens outside of the group. So if someone charges you money to help you, that's between the two of you.

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