Dark Streets. Dark Streets.
Oscar trudges home, late. Taking a short cut plunges him into darkness and peril.
Living in Italy Living in Italy
Ever dreamt about moving to Italy? Think again! Read the hilarious adventures of two Dutchmen who took the plunge.

Home-schoolers Unite!


Have you ever checked out a stack of books taller than the librarian, or had to decide what year you wanted to graduate. Is your social live the equivalent to that of a monk? Do 90% of the people you meet use the "Well at least you're valedictorian joke"? Do you read more books in a month than most kids do in a year? Do you constantly correct your family's grammar? Did Mavis Beacon teach you how to type? Have you measured how long car rides are by adventures and odyssey episodes? If these are true then you are most likely a homeschooler. Now is your chance to rule the world with your infinite knowledge of jeopardy and heaping amounts of time. Homeschoolers UNITE! Oh and if the group picture strikes fear into the very depths of your soul.... you're probably a homeschooler.

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