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This is a group for any Indigenous writers who'd like to share their work. Reviews aren't mandatory, but if you'd mingle, that would be great. If you'd like, you may tell the group where you're from. Whether your writing is related to your Indigenous culture or not, it does not matter.
There's only two things I need from you for approval into this group. I'd like to know where you're from (i.e. are you Lakota, Navajo, Mauri, etc.) and what genre your writing is.
So, to return the favor, I will tell you my answer to these questions. I am Lakota (Sicangu, specifically) and Onondaga. I love to write fantasy/romance/adventure books/stories, and I'm considering dipping my hands into other subjects, like dystopian society, and Indigenous children's books.
Please keep writing in the Everyone to Teen audience sections, but any genre within those audiences is welcome.

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Welcome, relatives!

Shay Lyn

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