Kosmotekton, the one and only World-Builder's Guild.

Here we discuss what it's like to create a fictional world, whether an alternate Earth or a new planet entirely, and the stories that happen in those worlds.

This group is primarily for the exchange of ideas and experiences, not the outright advertisement of your work. Naturally with the discussion of worlds your work will be shared and read. There is no problem with sharing your work provided you intend to be involved in the discussions and reading the work of others.

Kosmotekton does not necessarily cover every piece of fiction. If you have doubts, here are a few of the characteristics that kosmotekton may have:

-A fictional city, in our world, that is highly unique in its architecture, technology, politics, and/or culture and subcultures. If the entire planet is like this city, it is an alternate Earth.

-An alternate Earth. It could be historical fiction, Germans won WW2, contemporary, think Earth-002 in the DC Universe, or set in an alternate future, the Halo video game series is a great example. Don't confuse a fictional story set in our world for an alternate version of Earth entirely.

-Alien planet. Perhaps you've created a world all your own, or maybe you've imagined what civilizations would be like on another planet in our solar system. In any case, if you've created a civilization of two to inhabit an alien planet then you've quite literally been a kosmotekton.

-Fantasy world. Think Narnia, Discworld, Elder Scrolls, Forgotten Realms. A fantasy world is the traditional definition of kosmotekton. Science is often replaced by magic, elves and dwarves run amok, and an ancient evil is always lurking around the corner waiting to make a return to the world so it can be defeated once and for all by the pig farmer that is secretly an elf prince.

In kosmotekton, discussions at least, the emphasis is put on the world rather than the story. Your story can take place in a fantasy world, but if the most world building you've done is giving your elf a last name then you might not have kosmotekton. In fact, maybe you've built an entire world with a time line, multiple cultures, customs, languages, and races but haven't written a story to go in it. This is still by definition kosmotekton.

If you've only created the concept of a city without a story, however, you may have only created "the city of tomorrow" rather than an actual world. Those are equally interesting to discuss, so by all means feel free to talk about them.

It may seem confusing, but kosmotekton is world building. If you've done that, that's all that matters.

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