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For all LGBT Writers. Post your writings here and have discussions with other LGBT Writer`s to share different ideas on these subjects. Feel free to express what you want, when you want. The sky`s the limit for your LGBT writing.
The writing expectations in this group are MOSTLY any kind of Gay or Lesbian stories, books, poems, or songs. Just be yourself and write to your hearts content.

New Writing

icarus icarus

A Poem by toza

The Clouds The Clouds

A Chapter by Aaron Williams

Sad Sad

A Poem by humbleServant

Hair Hair

A Story by humbleServant

Why Why

A Poem by humbleServant

Got It Got It

A Poem by humbleServant

I Wish I Wish

A Poem by humbleServant

Silence Silence

A Story by VVhiteRaven

Pallor Pallor

A Poem by keylane3

Labels Labels

A Poem by keylane3

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Not Quite Sure

New Book: Elysian: Spirit Worlds


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