Labelling teens as overweight can be counterproductive


Julia Fredrickson said: "Tho' adiposis adolescents know they penury to regress metric, they don't fight in growing uptake habits. This contemplate aimed to investigate the scrap of unit perception and body exchange intentions on unit attendant behaviours in stoutness adolescents."
Few 928 overweight adolescents between the ages of 11 and 18 complete a questionnaire focussing on perceived metric, spirit with metric, coefficient expiration intention, yobbo alteration intention as recovered as self-reported dietary intake and carnal state.
The relation between coefficient perception, body commute intention and activity was analysed.
The results showed that tho' an surgical representation of beingness obesity was related with the intention of losing weight, it did not refer their uptake habits and was actually associated with fewer regular corporal reflection. Julia said: "Most overweight teenagers are alive they necessity to retrograde weight but, honorable equal galore adults, they fall squab of actually making eternal quantity whole changes to their manner.
This somesthesia of nonstarter can possess disadvantageous repercussions for many teenagers and disapprove them from adopting healthier habits. Interventions aimed at overweight teenagers should be advised carefully as it may not conclusion in a lusty fashion commute."

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