Lessons from a Riot


Many are the times students go on strike. The obvious reason which evokes such irresponsible behaviors is the tendency of the administration to ignore their welfare issues. Students claim negligence as the course of the woes they go through in classes and back in their hostels. Their lecturers miss their classes at will while the accommodation docket does little maintenance in their rooms. A riot becomes the only way to make their voice get heard. A riot is not the best way to solve their problems but somehow calls the administration to action. Hence, you must put extra effort to get what you want whatever the price comes with it.
The masterminds of such riots face expulsion from college. That teaches students that they shouldn’t turn to violent ways to forward their grievances. Choices have consequences and that includes students losing their chance to get their undergraduate degree. A student would better concentrate on

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topics rather than ganging up to teach the administration a lesson. They are the ones on the receiving end if the top officials decide to cut the bad chaff off. There are good lessons to learn from a riot shown in the instances above.

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