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The Dangers of Hiding Your Problems. (WARNING! : POSSIBLE TRIGGER!)

3 Years Ago

The past two forum threads have been pretty basic and pretty vague. Up until now, I've never directly addressed why it's dangerous to hide things, especially things that are wrong, that are causing you harm. Sitting alone in a dark room with nothing but you and your thoughts is nowhere near being a healthy, safe, constructive way to deal with your problems. All it does is hurt you and the people around you, especially those you care the most about. I know a lot of people say "But if nobody knows about the problems I'm having, then the problem will just go away." I'm telling you what a lot of other people who are trying to help themselves and others will tell you: THAT IS A BOLD FACED LIE! UTTER BULLSHIT! Not letting anyone know about the problem doesn't erase it. If anything, it makes it worse. A large percentage of suicides are driven by mental problems. Why? Because a vast majority of those suicides were people who barely, if ever, talked about their problems or shared their feelings with another. Hiding your problems is ultimately the worst decision you could possibly make, because the people whom you think you're protecting you're actually hurting. But, most of all, you're hurting yourself. I, personally, know this. I learned it the hard way. I hid all of my problems from the world and thought that that was the end of it. That they were gone. Needless to say, I was way wrong. When pushes came to shoves, I experienced violent blackouts, hurting people physically and not having control over it. It got worse when I started dating. My first three tries weren't that bad because they never got serious. The girls didn't even care about me. The last one, however, the girl I'm currently with and have been with for almost three years, was a different story. I got so used to hiding things that it was second nature. So, when things got serious and she wanted to know more about me than anyone else did, I started working harder to hide it. This led to me hurting her on several occasions. To this day, I still hurt her and there are things that I still have hidden away, but I discovered that opening up to her helps both of us more than hiding it away like some disease. So, for this blog, I don't want you to reply. You can if you want, but my helpful hint for you is to find at least one person you can truly trust and open up to them. Tell them everything going on in your head. And if it winds up helping you, then keep doing. As you get more comfortable, try to expand to other people you trust as well. If it doesn't help, then feel free to throw out another suggestion to the group. In fact, throw one in even if my advice does help. Remember, we're all Lights in the Dark for on another. We're also lights for those around us. Just got to let the darkness out so your light can shine is all

Re: The Dangers of Hiding Your Problems. (WARNING! : POSSIBLE TRIGGER!)

3 Years Ago

I, myself, have just had another experience with hiding things. Now, the one I love suffers the most for it. Hiding things just hurts people. End of story.