I was the first one ever with both those magazines I created that for the athletes my first Muscle & Fitness cover is here was 21 years old in this cover this was taken in Marinade Rey remember it like it was yesterday was 1995 and now that was my first muscle fitness cover and that was part of that was the beginning that was I would say if anyone asked me what was the highlight cover was for sure Joe we are putting on muscle fitness cover when the looking back and looking at my success it’s hard to be think while I would have done things much differently the I'm I always said if I won the Olympia I’ll try to do something different than the last night did the I did in certain aspects but I was so consumed with the training and the travel schedule in the demand to the sponsors and I had had so little time to commit to that pulled myself away and I secluded myself became very selfish on because I wanted to avoid any conflict that would affect my training in that was my life and that became in the beginning of show year an eternity to shows here than multiple shows and then eventually it was like when I was in training for the show I was booked in advance so no weekends were available to go seamy family and spend time with my family and I missed weddings and miss the anniversaries and missed birthdays and you know now looking my dad CD for my mom 72 time I'm trying to get there is much like and be with them and obviously my brothers and sisters you know that's their kids are all grown now married children I mean it's crazy it's on life goes by quick that's when you said realize Lee they could've been a lot opportune time to send more time with the family that's so successful.

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