Masquerade Invitation


Only a select few people are invited to join this secret organization. You must have what it takes. We are here to fight for and protect the humans from the Deathlings. You must always wear your mask. Your rank is the main color of your mask.

White: Leader ( Wears a crystal crown)
Black: Masquerade Menace ( Wears silk dancing slippers or bow ties)
Crimson: Ball Basher
Indigo: Phantom Dancer
Pale Orange: Ribbon Dancer
Emerald Green: Ballroom dancer
Light Blue: Novice
Purple: Beginner
I will promote you to your mask new mask color. We must defeat the Deathlings. You may add your heroic tales of your encounters with the Deathlings.

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August 22, 2013 - September 21, 2013




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