sor adānu nāši enû agana

The time for change has come

It is a dark time in Midgar. It has been a hard few years, truces have been broken, banners have been summoned, and swords have danced. The Five Kingdoms are at a breaking point, a few of the Great Houses allied with the Empire and the rest with the stirring rebellion.

No dagger has been thrust at the empire since the Great Wars, nine hundred years past. But that was an age ago, the day of dragons and sorcery. The day when blood rained from the sky cloaked in fire, when kings swore undying peace with another only to break it the next day. The Empire is dead, as it had been since the last Dragonlord was slain during the wars. As it had been since all sorcery had been outlawed by the Usurper. As it had been since the reins of Midgar was shifted.

But it will not remain so.

Dark whispers of shadows have been spreading like a stain. Assassins that strike in the middle of the night, killing anyone with power that threatens their cause. Skinshifters. Rumours of horrific beasts in the north and east are spreading, truces are straining, and there are mutterings of war once more.

Ancient powers who have remained hidden for so long are walking again. Prophecies of the dragon reborn have been uttered, giving them strength and courage. Those of sorcerous blood are emerging from hiding, siding with one side or the other in the growing rebellion. Yet Man remains ignorant of the true battle that nears, the hour of man is nearly over, and unless they act quickly and unite under a single banner, all hope will be lost.

The time for change has come. The Dance of Dragons has begun.

Gods and kings, lords and thieves, assassins and cutthroats, all will soon fall in the greatest conflict of them all.

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