WARNING! I do not stop the use of foul language.
One has a knife. You are the murderer. You must kill everybody before they find out who you are.
One has a gun. You are the protector/ police. You must kill the murderer. Killing an innocent bystander results in the loss of your gun.
Everybody else is a bystander. You must run and hide to survive.

~You can't just kill everybody on the first page.
~You have to draw it out a bit.
~It can be one shot kill.
~You don't know who is who.
~If the protector is killed, somebody else may become the protector.
~No cheating.
~You do not lose points for dying.
~There are rounds. Winner of each round gets points.
~Once you die, you do not come back in until the next round.
~The positions switch every round.
~You can only have one character.
~Your character has to be able to be a bystander.
~Sore winners and sore losers are immediately kicked out.
~If you have to go, I will not make everybody else wait. You'll just be killed and will have to wait until the next round to come back in.

~Every point you get = one review from me.
~One point per round.
~You gain points if you:
& Protector: Kill the murderer.
& Bystander: Survive.
& Murderer: Kill everybody.

I will message the murderer saying "You are the murderer" and I will message the protector saying "You are the protector" and then a group message saying "round ___ has started."

Also, where the idea came from:

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