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National Novel Writing Month


November is National Novel Writing Month. It's the time of year when aspiring and established writers alike work feverishly to pen 50,000 words within a month. More importantly, however, it's a great excuse to simply get writing.

This group is a place where writers can come together and discuss their progress, throw around ideas, get feedback, or just take a break from writing. We don't require that you write 50,000 words, we don't even require you to write a novel. All we want is for you to write . . . and then share your experience with the rest of us.

- Charlie

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January 1, 2013 - February 7, 2013


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March 4, 2012 - March 4, 2012

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The Rebirth of

February 1, 2008 - March 1, 2008

The Rebirth of


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