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I know there is lots and lots of groups on here but not all of them recognize new talent so here we want to do what the writers do and look at newbies who join everyone reads their work...please do not give us books that are 1000 pages please sum it up for us thank you... as I was saying everyone reads their work and give them all reviews. Please take in mind that not everyone will get theres read as soon as you join because we are working on ours also, but please note it will get read by the end of the week by somebody that is free. I'm sure that when someone is done with theirs they will check to see who is new and say hey I'll read yours today! The whole purpose of this group is to not leave anyone out or in other words no man or women left behind. Even if it isn't me reviewing your work someone else can because that is what team work is all about! Thank You and hopefully you join the group

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